Cooperation partners

The Counseling Centre for self-help - IKOS Jena - is active in numerous different bodies.

  • All self-help contact centres in Thuringia have joined forces in the Thuringian Self-Help Plenum (Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Thüringer Selbsthilfeplenum), jointly represent the interests of the more than 1,400 self-help groups in the state, provide further training for themselves and the groups and stand for quality assurance in counseling.
  • IKOS represents the Thuringian contact points in the working group "Self-help in dialogue", in which further training topics for self-help activists are offered for the fifth year in cooperation with AOK PLUS, the state working group Thuringian Self-help Plenum, the Paritätischen Thüringen.
  • Within the framework of the Prevention Act, we have succeeded in establishing a state contact point for self-help in Thuringia. IKOS is an active member here and has been very intensively involved in the design of this counselling service for years through its board work.
  • As part of the Association of Self-Help Contact Points in Thuringia, we are an elected member of the State Health Conference of Thuringia.
  • Our AWO supporting association is a founding member and supporter of the open radio station in Jena. IKOS has been active in community radio since 1999 and is on air every four weeks with a fixed slot for the self-help magazine Chance. Our membership is very much appreciated here.
  • Active member of LaKoST e. V.

IKOS is also involved in numerous other committees, e. g. the working group Mental Health Week and the working group Debt in Old Age.