Adoptive parents

Region: Jena

Goals and tasks

The “adoptive parents get –together” is an open conversational talk for adoptive parents and those applying for this status. It is a time for talking, learning and exchanging experiences. The participants can support each other and listen to one another as well as offering or receiving good advice such as education in sexual matters and puberty.
In addition to our informal meetings Frau Loges (adoptive mediator Municipality of Jena) and Frau Dr. Rabending (family counsellor of AWO RV Mitte-West-Thüringen e. V.) are providing professional advice.


Stadtverwaltung Jena/Dezernat Familie und Soziales/Jugendamt, FD Jugendhilfe/ Adoptionsvermittlung Mrs Gabriele Loges Am Anger 13 07743 Jena

Phone: 03641 492740 Fax: 03641 492707

Familienberatungsstelle des RV AWO Mitte-West-Thüringen e. V. Mrs Dr. Sigrid Rabending Löbdergraben 14a 07743 Jena

Phone: 03641 309253 Fax: 03641 229410