Family members of alcoholics

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Disease profile

Alcoholism is an ever-growing problem in our society, which is initially denied by those affected and affects men, women and young people. Denial and rejection of offers of help are part of the disease and make access to help more difficult.

According to the experts, there is no cure for the disease, which is increasingly characterized as a family disease, only a standstill. For those affected by the disease, there are many offers of help from self-help groups. This is generally known. What is not known to the same extent is that there is also an offer of help for friends and relatives of alcoholics, the worldwide fellowship of the "Alcoholics Anonymous Family Groups", the Al-Anon Family Groups. In Germany, too, this fellowship can look back on 50 years of work in numerous groups and meetings.

Alcoholism is a disease that can affect or even destroy the whole family. Under the influence of this disease, regardless of whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not, behaviors creep in among family members and friends that can lead to serious mental and physical illness under the name of co-dependence.

It is therefore important to acquire knowledge about this disease and to apply this knowledge in a process of healing from the effects of the disease. This requires strength, perseverance and the courage to act consistently.

Without help, this is too difficult for many relatives!

Goals and tasks

Al-Anon family groups are not a religious association, a cult or a counseling center. The community sustains itself through its own voluntary contributions. Participation is voluntary and free of charge and requires only that a relative or friend has an alcohol problem.

Group meetings

Every Friday at 7:00 pm in the youth room in the Landeskirchliche Gemeinschaft, Wagnergasse 28, 07743 Jena, 1st floor.

Participation in the meeting is possible without registration.


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