Single parents

Region: Jena und Umgebung

Life alone with a child can range from beautiful to very stressful. In the beginning there is the loss of the partner. The child has to get used to the situation. Feelings of guilt can arise. Suddenly, the compatibility of job, child and household must be implemented and many important decisions must be made alone. Single parents can reach their limits and need support and advice to cope with their new life, ideally before they become completely exhausted.
Single parents accomplish a lot and are on the level of a manager in terms of stress level. The group of single parents are mothers, fathers, widowed, professionals, students, job seekers, on parental leave. They have different educational and professional qualifications, have different incomes, from ALG II to the income of a politician like Andrea Nahles. The group is heterogeneous! But they all have to ask themselves the question: How do I cope with the new situation? How can I manage it all and what do I need for myself and my child?
The group can become a community where advice and support can be sought, where time can be spent with each other through joint activities, to feel together and not alone.

Group meetings

Contact can be made at the e-mail address. There are currently no group meetings, the single parents are in contact with each other via WhatsApp.


Mrs Katja Schröder

Mobile: 0178 1323076