The self-help group is in the process of being founded.

Mothers and their children against violence

Region: Jena

We are currently supporting the reestablishment of a self-help group in Jena. The aim is to give mothers and their children who have experienced violence the opportunity to come together, strengthen each other and help each other. Violence has many faces and is often not perceived from the outside - but it happens in daily life, it is present in all phases of life, in all social groups. So people either look the other way or trivialize it.

Here in this new group community, women can be women, mothers can exchange their valuable experiences, and all this in a protected space and completely anonymous to the outside world. If anyone reads this who knows a mother who might be interested - please pass this information along, post it, and share it in your own channels. Those interested can either e-mail: directly or contact IKOS.

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