The self-help group is in the process of being founded.

Nursing relatives

Region: Jena

The whole life changes with the care of a relative. Free time becomes a rare commodity, stress a constant companion and often the well-being and own health suffer. Family caregivers often feel physically and mentally exhausted.
Through mindfulness and conscious self-care, you can counter stress and find your way back to more strength and inner peace.

I would like to offer you this space with my group offer.

Treat yourself to a conscious time-out!

Learn to listen to the signals of your body and to be mindful with yourself. Exchange ideas with like-minded people and learn how simple rituals can positively influence your everyday life.
Even small changes in your everyday life can make a difference and do you good.
I look forward to spending time with you!

Group meetings

Group meetings take place every third Tuesday per month from 4:00-6:00 pm.


Mrs Anett Urban

Mobile: 0179 4321763