The self-help group is in the process of being founded.

Heart without stress – heart diseases

Region: Jena

Do you have a heart history?

A diagnosis of heart disease is always a big blow. Suddenly, it's about questions that were never an issue before. We want to build bridges between our disease, medicine and our everyday life. We want to get to know ourselves and our situation anew and accept it.

Understanding for each other

It is a great concern of ours that people of all ages with their heart stories can come together and exchange ideas in order to find their own ways to a changed way of life. We welcome everyone who would like to participate - whether on a regular or occasional basis.

Are you affected by heart attack, arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, pacemaker or defibrillator, bypass surgery, aneurysm or heart defect?

For many, stress is a co-trigger of heart disease, which then causes us additional stress - in our private lives and at work.
This is one of the topics we want to deal with.

Please register with: Volker Dörsing

Group meetings

Group meetings take place every third Tuesday per month at 5:00 pm.



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