The self-help group is in the process of being founded.

Twice Exceptional Thuringia - (Highly) Gifted with Learning Disabilities

Region: Jena

Hello, we are a support-group founded in 2022 and we are looking for interested people / members who meet the criteria for concept 2E. This means that they:

  1. Have a well-founded suspicion of giftedness (e. g. have achieved an IQ score of 130 or higher in professional intelligence testing), but at least have demonstrated a general IQ of 115 or higher.
  2. Have concurrent chronic mental health problems such as Bipolar Disorder, or neural developmental disorders such as AD(H)S or NVLD (Nonverbal Learning Disorder).

2E refers to the simultaneous co-occurrence of giftedness in at least one area of skills needed in the school-academic field with one (2E) or more (3E, 4E, etc. which is then labeled multi-exceptional) diagnoses significantly interfering with learning or working. The giftedness can be in the intellectual / mental area (e. g. if someone is particularly good in a certain school or training subject or also has a particularly high so-called fluid intelligence) or also purely physical (nervous system). The disabilities can be explicit (e. g. dyscalculia) and implicit learning disabilities (e. g. severe mental illness or neural developmental disorder). For example, people who meet criteria for 2E are particularly vulnerable to underachievement.

We are all about equal sharing of affected individuals regarding coping strategies, medications, and experiences. I personally enjoyed the conversation about the biographical backgrounds of those affected and believe that others feel the same way. I am Frank, born 1982 in Jena and founder of the support group, have an official education and training as a system engineer for IT networks, but deal almost exclusively with mental as well as physical health at least since my diagnosis with a visual working memory (VWM) disorder, ASD level1 and a kind of breakdown in 2016. I want to support others but also continue to learn from fellow sufferers. We are open to any type of chronic mental health issue.



Mobile: 0176 84774662