The self-help group is in the process of being founded.

Social phobia

Region: Jena

To whom is the group addressed?

But what happens when contact with other people becomes difficult because it is charged with fears? Social phobics often fear that their behavior will be judged as funny or embarrassing by other people. Thus, among other things, giving speeches, expressing opinions in groups, etc. may be seen as a challenge. The consequences are often avoidance of social situations or social withdrawal.

The self-help group is open to all sufferers of severe social phobia with massive limitations in everyday life. Age is not a factor.


What can the group do for you?

All avoidance or withdrawal behavior is rooted in our expectations.

Unfortunately, our expectations ("what others expect from us") often do not match reality, or we cannot know. The group also provides the space to discuss such negative expectations, and to get a more realistic assessment of our own behavior. In the best case, actions and suggestions arise that can make our daily lives easier and strengthen our self-view and self-esteem.

But just knowing we are not alone can help.

Women talk – social phobia


Mr Alexander Nikolaschin