The self-help group is in the process of being founded.

Mental stress in the workplace and burnout

Region: Jena

First and foremost, the aim is to talk together in order to find strength and support in times of increased psychological stress in the workplace through compassionate interaction.


  • Exchange with other group participants about mentally stressful situations at the workplace
  • Opportunity to learn how to behave in and out of conflict (Who am I in conflict?)
  • Exchange about psychological disorders that can occur in the workplace (help to recognize disorders, also among colleagues and superiors)

If desired by the group, guests can be invited to discuss various specialist topics or methods. The group is facilitated by Theresa Kroll (Mediator, DISG trainer and MHFA first aider).

Group meetings

Monthly meetings are planned for the second Tuesday of the month from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.


Mrs Theresa Kroll