Association for blind and partially sighted people in Thuringia e. V. – Blickpunkt Auge

Region: Jena

Disease profile

All blind and partially sighted people of all ages includung a 3/10 visual impairment or a pathological change of the improved eye with a relevant degree of severity 

Goals and tasks

Counselling and support of all persons concerned and and their family members in social, psychiological and medical questions

We inform:

  • about new legal requirements
  • share news from the medical sector
  • presentation of specific assistive technology

We offer:

  • specific assistive technology as well as literature
  • possibilities of early support of blind and partially sighted kids
  • rehabilitation for adults
  • find adresses for recreation homes
  • fitness, sports and leisure activities

We accompany:

  • to the doctor
  • to do grocery store
  • to agencies and civil services
  • to go for a walk

We assist:

  • completing forms
  • reading aloud letters and newspapers
  • writing and answering letters

Cultural attendance

  • monthly Group meetings with interesting workshops
  • spring, sommer and year-end activities
  • organized bus rides
  • hand craft groups
  • bowling (meetings every Thursday from 1-6 pm on the sports field in Zwätzen, Brückenstraße)


Group meetings

Consultation hours: every Thursday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at the information centre Blickpunkt Auge

Group meetings take place on an unregular basis.


Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband Thüringen e. V. - Kreisorganisation Jena - „Blickpunkt Auge“ Mrs Silke Aepfler Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 30 07749 Jena

Phone: 03641 2259400 Mobile: 0157 73303641