Depressive people “Wir für uns”

Region: Jena

Goals and tasks

  • Exchange with other group participants about experiences in coping with difficult life situations due to illness
  • Recognizing and learning to use possibilities for influencing one's own condition
  • Recognize stressful and conflictual situations and find helpful ways of behavior and action

Participation requirements:

  • Registration and a preliminary talk at the counseling center
  • Regular participation if possible

Group meetings

Every two weeks on Thursdays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at IKOS in the AWO Center Lobeda, Kastanienstr. 11. To make an appointment for a preliminary talk, contact Annelies Hädrich at 03641 373356.


IKOS - Beratungszentrum für Selbsthilfe, AWO Zentrum Lobeda Kastanienstraße 11 07747 Jena Lobeda-Ost

Phone: 03641 8741160 Fax: 03641 8741203

Mrs Annelies Hädrich

Phone: 03641 373356