Drug and alcohol addicted people “Neuer Weg”

Region: Jena

Goals and tasks

  • Open to addicts who want to live a life without alcohol and medication
  • For addicts who have not yet had any experience with self-help groups or who are looking for another self-help group
  • For addicts who are coming from inpatient or outpatient therapy or who are planning to do so
  • Also welcome are those who would like to talk about their problems with alcohol and medication for the first time

Exchanging experiences and problems with people who are also affected makes many things appear in a different perspective and gives courage to master the situation.

Group meetings

Every second and fourth Thursday per month at the meeting place “Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe”


Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Jena e. V. Buchaer Straße 6 07745 Jena

Phone: 03641 618988