self-support group for relatives of mentally sick people

Region: Jena

Clinical picture

One family member is mantally sick - the whole family suffers!

Family members are often suffering with:

  • anxiety and helplessless
  • feeling of guilt and shame
  • isolation and overburdening
  • lack of understanding
  • prejudice and injustice

How can we help?

In our self-help group we want to try finding a way out of the isolation. We meet reguarly.

  • we exchange our experiences
  • we invite experts from welfare, law, psychiatry and politics
  • we inform about low-treshold services
  • we build friendships
  • we just be togehter: celebrate and help each other

Group meetings

Please contact Brigitte Weyrauch per phone: 03641 445049 or via E-Mail The meetings take place once a month.

Contact person

IKOS Jena - Beratungszentrum für Selbsthilfe
Kastanienstraße 11
07747 Jena

Phone: 03641 8741160
Fax: 03641 8741203

Brigitte Weyrauch

Phone: 03641 445049


Landesverband Thüringen der Angehörigen psychisch Kranker e.V.
Ort/Region: Thüringen
Bahnhofstraße 1a
07641 Stadtroda

Phone: 036428 12456
Fax: 036428 12456