Emotions Anonymous: self - support group for emotional and mental health

Region: Jena und Umgebung


Emotions Anonymous (EA) is a twelve - step program for recovery from mental and emotional illness. As of 2017 there were approximately 300 EA groups active in the United States and another 300 around the world.

EA is not intended to be a replacement for psychotherapy, psychiatric medication or any kind of professional mental health treatment. People may find useful as a complement to mental health treatment, as a personal means to better mental health in general, or when psychiatric treatment is not available or they have resistance to psychiatric treatment. EA does not attempt to coerce members into following anyone's advice.

Group meetings

If you are interested please contact Gregor, Jens or Julia:  ea-jena@web.de

We are meeting every first and third Monday at 06:30 pm. If the first Monday falls on a statuary holiday we will meet the following Monday at the same time and place.

Where: IKOS, AWO Zentrum Lobeda, Kastanienstraße 11, 07747 Jena, first floor