Recreation Club for mentally ill people

Region: Jena


The recreation club shall give mentally ill people the opportunity to escape their loneliness and isolation, to get to know people with similar problems and set up a relationship.

The club is open to all those who have a mental disorder or to relatives, friends and family members. At this time 35-40 people are members.

Our activities include:

  • meet for coffee and tee
  • playing board games and listening to music
  • day trips
  • visits at exhibitions, at the movie theater or at the cabaret
  • bowling
  • short hiking tours

Group meetings

every other Thursday from 03:00 - 05:00 pm at IKOS Jena, AWO Zenrum Lobeda Ost, Kastanienstraße 11, 07747 Jena, first floor

Contact person

Kastanienstraße 11
07747 Jena

Phone: 03641 8741161
Fax: 03641 8741203

Regina Habelt

Phone: 03641 396097

Erhard Drawe

Phone: 03641 373083