„….my husband had a stroke and is not able to speak properly – is there a self-support group for people with aphasia after experiencing a stroke?

“….where do I find support for relatives of clients being diagnosed with dementia?”

“….I was stung by a tick and since then I have a discomfort – can I get help and information about possible risks?

“Our child requires a very high level of care which we have sadly accepted. However we are looking for good advice from other parents as well as listening to one another.”

“…since I have lost my job I am brooding a lot and I am questioning my life in general. Who can give support in this apparently hopeless situation?”

“…. currently we have a patient in our clinic who is looking for a self - support group in his neighborhood after finishing his therapy. Can you offer one for alcoholic diseased people?

“…I am suffering from depressive feelings and would like to get in touch with like-minded people. How can I find a way out of my depression? Where do I find access to a self-support group?

These are only a few questions people come up with when they are curious about self – help groups. The information centers within Thuringia will provide the necessary support to those seeking help. Our website is part of the intercultural approach towards promoting links across all cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic boundaries. It is intended for persons who would like general information on self - help groups and for founders and members of self - help groups.