Self-help magazine “Chance” on air

Bettina Brenning and Gabriele Wiesner on air
We are on air!

When Dire Straits' “Local Hero” is played on Bürgerradio Jena on Thursdays at 3:00 pm in a four-week cycle, the real local heroes go on air - people who are active in self-help, who do voluntary work and are professionals in counsulting and help services in our city.

Since 1999, the IKOS has managed to present a special topic from self-help, health and prevention with a fixed broadcasting slot.

Many members of self-help groups are absolute professionals with regard to their respective chronic illness, a psychosomatic topic, psychiatric diagnoses or a current difficult social life situation. In the studio they leave the safe anonymity of the groups and bring a wide range of health topics to our ears.

The listeners benefit from the high level of knowledge and experience of the radio producers and self-help activists, who may be in a similar situation or know someone who knows someone who is in a similar situation and is looking for a better quality of life.

Whether it is about the Jena Trialog, Lyme disease, alcohol addiction, eating disorders, grief, violence against women or men, to name just a few topics, we report on them… - tune in to “Chance” - we will continue to be on the air for you!