10th Diversity Day 2023

Visitors were treated to a colorful stage program with music, dance and theater, as well as many hands-on activities, such as a diversity quiz, an interactive labyrinth or drawing a diversity picture.

All people who appreciate Jena as an open and diverse city came to celebrate just that. In addition to many offers for adults, children also found exciting creative activities such as tying friendship bracelets or games from all over the world.

The IKOS was present in front of the drugstore branch with an information booth and informed about the offers of the approximately 120 diverse self-help groups in our city. We would not have objected to a few rays of sunshine, wrapped up as we were at 12 degrees celcius and wind that played with the flyers...The IKOS so a bit chilled and skeptical looking and yet with interesting conversations and inquiries there.

Diversity Day 2023