Visit from the AWO President Kathrin Sonnenholzner

"Out of Poverty and Loneliness" - Listen, Understand, Act".

Poverty and loneliness often go hand in hand. In addition, the fear of poverty is growing due to the rising cost of living. Under the motto "Out of poverty and loneliness", Kathrin Sonnenholzner, chairwoman of the AWO Federal Association, visited the IKOS Jena. Other guests included a representative of the regional association of Thuringia, a member of the board of our supporting association, the business unit manager of counseling and youth welfare, a representative of the press and JenaTV. The chairwoman of the executive committee was impressed by the work of our contact point and emphasized how diverse the offers of IKOS are and how they can help to find a way out of isolation.

There is no one answer to alleviate the subjectively felt loneliness. Because loneliness is as versatile as the people who feel it, the causes that make it up and the individual biographies that form it. Therefore, the offers for affected people in the self-help are manifold. The IKOS staff pointed out that community self-help in Jena is very extensive and very well organized and is also publicly funded, among other things according to § 20h SGB V as in no other country. It makes a considerable contribution to its countless members (and possibly beyond) as a "social cement" in our society - especially for chronically ill and handicapped people.