Self-help support centers in Thuringia

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The 25 self - help support centers in Thuringia have incorporated to “Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Thüringer Selbsthilfeplenum” (LAG) and have been cooperating closely in the area of health-related self – help for 20 years. They represent both regional and national interests of self – help – groups and help actively spread the idea of participating in this area.

What does the LAG stand for?

  • Is a forum to coordinate and share professional exchange within the different information centers in Thuringia
  • Is providing public relations to indicate the importance of self – support help as part of the assistance services
  • Its partnership will further see the enhancement and system support for peer roles within every juncture of the Addiction and Mental Health System.
  • Offers counselling services and provides a high standard of quality
  • Is dedicated to increase the acceptance of self – support centers as an important part of public health services and stands in for their interests towards politics, administration and health insurances
  • Use their collective strengths to promote social change and work closely with professional (health care) providers
  • Is in charge of training, qualification and further education of their staff members
  • Is a member of all regional self – support centers nationwide within Germany