Self-help funding

Self-help also means transparency. Here you can find all the institutions that financially support the workers of IKOS.

GKV Community Support Thuringia

We would like to thank the GKV-Gemeinschaftsförderung Thuringia for the constant financial support and idealistic support.

Project funding by AOK PLUS Saxony and Thuringia

AOK Plus

The realization of the “Quality Assured Homepage" and the CMS editor training of the IKOS staff was supported by the AOK PLUS Saxony and Thuringia on a project basis.

Jena self-help and IKOS say thank you for the very good cooperation and financial support.

Since 1991, Jena's self-help has been supported by the AWO. Thank you for the appreciative and reliable support.

We would like to thank the Thuringian Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Family and Women. Jena's self-help and the IKOS have been supported for many years by the TMASGFF, which actively supports the self-help structures in our city through the financial contribution.

In December 2022, jenawohnen surprised us with the wonderful news that they wanted to make a donation to the Jena self-help/IKOS. Pleased and very grateful, we were able to use the support to pay the additional costs for the design and printing of our self-help newspaper “Chance” - here, due to the numerous good contributions from the Jena self-help and the counseling and help offers, there were more pages than calculated in the project application. We could not omit any of these contributions and postpone them for one year. And more pages than planned simply cost more. Many thanks to jenawohnen for this contribution and the appreciation of the voluntary commitment of so many Jena citizens in the self-help groups of our city.