Self-Support Groups in Thuringia

Our slogan is:

„I am not alone, because there are others who think and feel like I do.“

Self – support means supporting and listening to one another as well as offering or receiving good advice. Working together in self-help support groups involves self-responsibility and self-determination, mutual assistance and community. Various offers of self-help support groups are listed on our website and quotes of people reporting their individual experiences within the groups are published.

In addition, you will find portraits of the different self-help support groups giving you a general idea about the multiple possibilities provided and indicating the groups which you can contact in case you would like to become a member.

The issues addressed by self-help support groups are diverse but they have one thing in common: people with similar problems or who are in similar life situations come together to talk to one another. The members of the group support each other and exchange ideas. They have the opportunity to attract public attention on their life-situations in Germany as well as contributing to shaping the integration process.

On our website, you will find information on where to find support and it will encourage you to take the necessary steps needed for change in joining a self-help support group/or to form a new group suitable for your specific needs.


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