Self-help - a chance for you too?

Have you ever heard of self-help? Do you perhaps even know someone who regularly attends group meetings? Have you landed here on this page because you always wanted to know more about self-help? Or are you even looking directly for a specific topic?
Then Jena Self-Help could be an opportunity for you and you will find what you are looking for.

Welcome to IKOS - the counselling centre for self-help in Jena. You can contact us if you are looking for a specific self-help offer, if you want to start a new group, if you are interested in the topics of self-help, health and prevention in general or if you work in the health and social sectors and need self-help for your patients and clients.

Reaching beyond where you are is really important.

Martin Seligman

Self-help in Jena


Information and contact point for self-help groups

IKOS Jena, the advice centre for self-help, is the first address for interested people in and around Jena when it comes to the topic of self-help. We advise and inform interested people about self-help, arrange contacts between interested people and self-help groups and keep an up-to-date overview of local self-help groups.